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 How to relocate to Switzerland | Swiss work and residence permit  
We assist foreign individuals in relocation to Switzerland                                          We provide exclusive advisory services to private entrepreneurs                                       We assist in acquisition of luxury real estate property in Switzerland
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How to relocate to Switzerland

In terms of residency, Switzerland has always been and continues to be a very attractive country. Switzerland’s economic and political stability has been a mainstay for decades – and even centuries. This stability is what has made Swiss banks the most reliable in the world, and what has contributed to the country’s top level of safety and financial security.
MB GROUP can help you relocate to Switzerland
We can arrange permanent residency for those who wish to relocate to Switzerland, in addition to assisting in purchasing real estate and securing a work permit.
We develop relocation plan that is transparent from both a legal and a tax point of view, for foreign individuals looking to move to Switzerland with their family members.
The following grounds are currently in place
for foreigners seeking residency in Switzerland
  Lump-sum tax deal / retirement program
  Investment in or acquisition of existing business
  Founding own company / purchase of shelf company
  Being hired by a Swiss company as a salaried employee
Swiss law provides for a number of entry permits:
  Permit B. Swiss B Permits are issued to employees of Swiss companies (and their family members) and students at all levels. B permits are valid for one year and may be extended if the permit provisions (work, marriage, studies) are being upheld.
  Permit C. Permanent residency, or a C Permit, may be granted after 10 years of work (or 5 years for citizens of EU/EFTA member countries) and continuous residence in Switzerland on a B Permit. This permit grants the holder the broadest rights, which are more or less equal to those of Swiss citizens: the free choice of work and place of residence in Switzerland, the possibility to receive social assistance, etc.
Obtaining a Swiss residence and work permit
For those considering moving to Switzerland, it is advantageous to bundle the various requests and to discuss them in advance, in the interest of ‘bundled solution’. We can assist you in elaboration and realization of such ‘bundled solution’:
  to develop your business project in line
    with requirements of the Swiss authorities
  to prepare a set of documents, necessary
    for a permit to be granted
  to submit to the cantonal authorities an
    application for residence permit for you
    and your family, in conjunction with your
    business project
Application for a Swiss
residence permit –
starting at CHF 19,500

Consultancy – SIGN UP
In order to obtain a permit for you, we will need to demonstrate the economic benefit you bring to the particular canton. It will suffice if, in particular, your business project or your employment activities:
  Involve the introduction of new technologies
  Stimulate scientific, industrial, or trade development in the region
  Create new jobs or help retain existing jobs for local companies, etc.
Successfully applying for permanent residency is rather difficult and complicated, and it is practically impossible without professional assistance. MB GROUP will work with you to develop a comprehensive solution for your relocation to Switzerland, within a reasonable timeframe (normally, permits take around three months to process).
You can count on MB GROUP when it comes to relocating to Switzerland and purchasing luxury real estate. We can help you adapt to life in Switzerland relatively quickly and painlessly, making your life here pleasant and comfortable.

Want to reside in Switzerland?


Address: Schochenmuhlestrasse 6  
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Tel. +41-44-771-2500  
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