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 Money transfer to Switzerland | Asset protection under Swiss jurisdiction  
Money transfer to Switzerland and asset protection through anonymous holding structure in Switzerland                                       Swiss financial security and protection from creditors and bankruptcy                                           How to protect your assets due to economical and political instability in your country of residence

How to protect your assets
under Swiss jurisdiction

Switzerland remains today what it has always been – the premier financial destination for international investments. This is why many of our clients consider Switzerland as a key element in their overall investment strategy, and why they are interested in personal holding structures, which enable them having a portion of their assets “live” in Switzerland.
Personal holding structure
Any monies and assets that you have earned during your lifetime, you obviously want to see them protected from creditors’ groundless claims and bankruptcy proceedings (MB GROUP: in the absence of a fraudulent conveyance!).
Due to economical and political instability in your country of
residence, you may wish to protect your assets by keeping
them under Swiss law and Swiss jurisdiction.
For these purposes we assist you in setting up a Swiss holding company, while you contribute your money and assets (those which can be valued, i.e. stocks, bonds, shares, mutual and hedge fund interests, real estate, etc.) in the company’s capital.
Once contributed, all these assets, as before, may be controlled and managed by you, as being the owner and managing director of a Swiss holding company; at the same time, the assets are held in the name of a Swiss holding company (i.e. separate legal entity) and therefore, are free from any claims directed against you in person.
Other options…
Due to the investor anonymity, provided by Swiss corporations (AG / SA), your name as an owner of such Swiss holding company will never be disclosed. At the same time, your name as a managing director will be publicly known, what is not always desired.
We are ready to assist you avoiding this, through a so-called fiduciary agreement between you and a Swiss director, who will treat your Swiss holding company with absolute discretion and in accordance with your instructions, while the decision making remains in your hands.
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Another option is to use the existing holding structure, already created by us (shelf company). It enables you to contribute your funds and/or assets, thus increasing the registered share capital of the company.
Unlike banks, we will then manage your funds and assets in accordance with your instructions, under condition of anonymity, while dividends earned will be regularly paid to you as shareholder.
Our commitment
Needless to say that holding companies in Switzerland benefit from reductions in corporate income tax at both cantonal and federal levels.
We provide personalized assistance in obtaining tax rulings for your holding company.
You relationship with us is covered by Swiss privacy and confidentiality laws. Our commitment to you from MB GROUP is total and complete: we will never disclose information concerning your dealings with us to any third party. The only exception being of course, an order from Swiss court.
We at MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG welcome the opportunity to explore with you the world of Swiss financial security and protection from creditors and bankruptcy (see more at Asset Protection in Switzerland).

Want to protect your assets in Switzerland?


Address: Schochenmuhlestrasse 6  
CH-6340 Baar, Switzerland  
Tel. +41-44-771-2500  
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