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 Representative, administrative & company management services in Switzerland  
We provide administrative and domicile service in Switzerland                                        We are ready to represent your company in Switzerland                                         We will negotiate tax arrangements for your company with Swiss authority

Company management
services in Switzerland

Your operation in Switzerland can be up and running immediately, with no need for major investments. In addition to incorporating your Swiss-domiciled companies and opening corporate accounts in Swiss banks, MB GROUP has the power to provide a broad spectrum of support to operating companies.
Our extensive portfolio features Swiss legal and tax issues, business consulting, administrative services and all the other services you would expect of a professional trustee – for higher credibility of your business corporation.
Our professionals can run your company for you and take action on your behalf in contacts with the Swiss authorities.
Certified accountants will keep your books up-to-date, draw up balance sheets and tax declarations, in accordance with international regulations.
Full complement of company
management services

Clients will feel more comfortable when dealing with you, if they believe you have an established presence in Switzerland. MB GROUP offers the following services for your Swiss project:
  Administrative and representative services in Switzerland
  Corporate identity and mailing address for your company
  Secretarial services, mail / phone forwarding
  Legal support and fiduciary services in Switzerland
  Opening a corporate bank account in Switzerland
  Consultancy in the field of taxes and banking
  Accounting and bookkeeping services
Whether you are looking for a prestigious address for your
business, opening a subsidiary, branch or agency, or simply
require a legal base for your company in Switzerland,
MB GROUP offers competitive pricing,
to work within your budget.
Other options…
If you already have a company somewhere, we can assist with opening a corporate account in Swiss bank, with online banking and credit cards.
In addition, we can give your company a Swiss outlook, providing the address and phone line in Switzerland (in the framework of our “Virtual Office”). This can be important since not all business partners are happy to deal with offshore companies or with companies from some specific countries (see more at Office Solutions in Switzerland).
Being a flexible organization, we can offer bespoke or contractual service on call-out, and with terms and conditions that meet your requirements, all provided with a friendly personal attention.
Our services are provided in cooperation with highly-qualified accounting experts, lawyers, tax advisers and investment consultants, to ensure that our clients’ affairs are well managed.
We are here to help you succeed in Switzerland and getting the most from our experience and reasonable representation and company management services.
Often in Switzerland, foreign entrepreneurs incur additional costs, such as payment to companies and others, who render services of a legal, consultative, representative or fiduciary nature.
We assist in the reimbursement of surplus fees, for not rendered or unsatisfactory services.

Want to establish a presence in Switzerland?


Address: Schochenmuhlestrasse 6  
CH-6340 Baar, Switzerland  
Tel. +41-61-505-0001  
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