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 Investment in real estate in Switzerland | Swiss real estate property  
We assist in secure real estate investment in Switzerland                                          We provide exclusive advisory services to international companies and individuals                                       We assist in acquisition of luxury real estate property in Switzerland
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Investment in real estate in Switzerland

Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most attractive countries in the world to invest and live in. An ideal combination of political and economic stability, a clean and safe environment and relatively low tax rates make it the ultimate target for foreigners.
Switzerland is also an attractive place of residence and investment with regard to inheritance tax. The country has no Federal inheritance or gift taxes. Instead, the cantons levy inheritance and gift taxes in their own competence.
Many cantons do not levy inheritance taxes on assets between spouses or between parents and children. The cantons that do have inheritance tax, charge very low rates, compared to other countries.
MB GROUP provides exclusive advisory services to international companies and/or individuals, looking for Switzerland’s assets or real-estate property that fit specific investment criteria.
Real estate investment
MB GROUP is ready to assist you invest in high-quality properties in commercial centers and their vicinity in Switzerland. The main focus is on residential property, long-lease office buildings, and property financing. The investments are highly diversified.
This financial concept, similar to a property investment fund, guarantees you good returns (about 7-8%) with concurrent retention of value.
Our professional investment- and property management services are provided through an experienced team of highly-qualified financial and legal experts, and tax advisers.
Luxury real estate
The acquisition of real estate in Switzerland is restricted by law. As a rule, all foreigners, who wish to acquire Swiss residential real estate, must obtain approval prior to their purchase. Such approval is relatively difficult to obtain.
For foreigners, who hold a Swiss residence permit, it is however possible to purchase house or apartment for their own personal use.
Likewise, foreign-controlled Swiss companies, which purchase real estate for use as their own offices or production facilities, may do so without restrictions.
MB GROUP is ready to offer you (through our professional partners) luxury residential property all over Switzerland, and, in particular, in canton Ticino, in the heart of the Alps, where you can enjoy the snow-capped mountain landscapes combined with the lake region with its mild, Mediterranean climate (see more at Real estate property and permanent residence in Switzerland).

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Address: Schochenmuhlestrasse 6  
CH-6340 Baar, Switzerland  
Tel. +41-44-771-2500  
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