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 Want us to manage your family assets and family well-being in Switzerland  
We will help you relocate your family’s assets under Swiss jurisdiction                                          Want us to manage your family well-being in Switzerland                                               We will negotiate tax arrangements for your family with Swiss tax authorities
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Switzerland. On the sunny side of the life

It is a known fact that wealthy individuals have needs that go far beyond the management of their money and business. MB GROUP helps organize the family well-being and lives of established millionaires in Switzerland.
Our services offer far more than just property and capital management – we also encompass services for private family interests, such as investment in real estate, recreation, entertainment, medical services, education, insurance and pension plans, tax issues, resolution of personal issues, arranging inheritances, etc.
MB GROUP can help you
get the best life has to offer!

The services offered to wealthy people comprise countless means of satisfying your spiritual and consumer needs.
Your own art gallery, a corporate event at a Swiss ski resort, private school for your children, treatment at the best Swiss clinics – these are just a few of the things accessible to the upper class. However, it is not easy to navigate the large volume of choices. We will help you avoid the stumbling blocks on the Swiss luxury market and help you get the best life has to offer.
MB GROUP boasts extensive experience in lifestyle and wealth management in Switzerland for millionaires and their families. We can help you:
  Organize insurance and legal protection of family-owned property,
    organize life insurance and pension plans for family members
  Purchase, sell, and lease residential or commercial real estate and manage
    your properties in Switzerland and other countries around the world
  Select the best schools in Switzerland and education programs for your
  Organize family celebrations, parties, and corporate events in Switzerland
  Provide urgent legal assistance to your family member in any country in
    the world, and in a variety of life situations
Access to the world class medical treatment, legal protection, style and leisure are important elements providing quality of life. SWISSLIFE!
When you become a MB GROUP client, you will discover that your life has not only become fuller and more substantial, it has also become safer and more tranquil.

Want us to manage your family well-being
and family fortunes under Swiss jurisdiction?



Address: Kappelergasse 13  
CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland  
Tel. +41-44-771-2500  
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