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 How to buy a ready-made shelf company in Switzerland  
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Purchase of ready-made
companies in Switzerland

Even nowadays, people often need a new company straight away, so we at MB GROUP pre-create companies and put them on the “shelf”, ready for sale when required. Such ready-made shelf companies have never been used before, i.e. have had no activity.
Those wanting to create a company fast, or who would prefer to have an aged company rather than a new one, can buy one of these off-the-shelf companies quickly and easily. All that is required, is to transfer the shelf company’s shares to the buyer. The shelf company name and/or objectives can be changed / modified by the buyer at the moment of transfer, if required so.
Swiss ready-made shelf company
MB GROUP provides Swiss aged shelf companies, fully incorporated (registered) and ready for immediate use in business or trade, or as holding companies (phone and fax service available).
Our ready-made companies have legal address in canton Zug (low-tax jurisdiction), fully operational bank account at one of leading Swiss banks, and are registered with Swiss tax authorities, social security and statistics.
The registered capital is fully paid in; upon purchase, buyer can refund it by guarantee. Respectively, there is no need to pay it in again, what provides for extra flexibility and time-saving.
List of names available will be sent after receipt of pre-payment only (for confidentiality reasons).
Our shelf companies were incorporated with a Swiss director and a shareholder, and include the following documents and services:
  Certificate of Incorporation from the Swiss authority
  Articles of Association (bi-lingual)
  Legalized set of the above registered documents
Advantages of ready-made companies
Common reasons for purchasing
pre-registered shelf companies:
  To save the time involved in taking the
    steps to create a new company in
    Switzerland and register it with
    respective authorities and organizations
  To obtain a Swiss company with
    prestigious and memorable name
  To create an appearance of corporate
    longevity in Switzerland, which may boost
    investor or consumer confidence
Shelf GmbH company –
starting at CHF 9,000
Shelf AG company –
starting at CHF 20,000

Shelf Company – ORDER NOW
Swiss ready-made “vintage” company, in comparison to newly incorporated company, gives an impression to your customers / clients about your business as being a long-established entity, which enhances your credibility.
Add value to your business by purchasing Swiss pre-registered vintage company from MB GROUP!

Want to purchase a shelf company
in Switzerland?



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Tel. +41-44-771-2500  
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