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 How to open a corporate bank account in Switzerland | Account in Swiss bank  
We will help you open a corporate bank account in Switzerland                                          We are ready to represent your company in Switzerland                                           We will help you open an account in Swiss bank for your offshore company

How to open a corporate
bank account in Switzerland

Switzerland is the world’s largest offshore financial center, even ahead of London, New York or Frankfurt.
Swiss banking sector has established its dominant position through a long tradition of political, economic and financial stability and some key principles, one of which is Swiss bank secrecy.
Opening a corporate account in Swiss bank
MB GROUP is able to assist you in opening an account for corporate use in the first-class Swiss banks, with which we have long-standing relationships.
We complete all bank account opening documents for your company with the necessary information, and send them to you for signature. As we handle the application procedure, you do not have to visit the bank in person. Detailed instructions on the bank’s requirements for documentation are also provided. Naturally, if any questions or problems occur later, we would be pleased to assist you with explanations and alternatives.
Access to your company account can be by post, courier, telephone, or via the Internet. Secure Internet banking allows you to check your bank account balances and transactions, initiate wire transfers and standing orders, etc.
Opening a corporate bank
account in Switzerland –
starting at CHF 950

Corporate account – ORDER NOW
If you already have a company somewhere, we can assist with opening a corporate bank account in Switzerland with online banking and credit cards.
In addition, we can give your company a Swiss outlook, providing the address and phone line in Switzerland. This can be important since not all business partners are happy to deal with offshore companies or with companies from some specific countries.
Your clients will also feel more comfortable when dealing with you, if they believe you have an established presence in Switzerland. Here are some details of our corporate banking services: 
  NO initial deposit is required upon opening an account
  Multi-currency accounts; IBAN and SWIFT (BIC) payments
  24/7 Internet banking, credit / debit cards
  NO personal visit to Switzerland required
  Respectable image of Swiss bank accounts
Our services are provided in cooperation with highly-qualified banking, legal and investment advisory professionals, to ensure that our clients’ affairs are well managed.
We are here to help you succeed in Switzerland and getting the most from our experience and reasonable corporate banking services (see more at Bank accounts in Switzerland).

Want to open a bank account in Switzerland?


Address: Kappelergasse 13  
CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland  
Tel. +41-44-771-2500  
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